In Support of Saving The Boston Globe

We, the undersigned, are committed to saving The Boston Globe from the threat of closure by the New York Times Company.

As a community asset, The Boston Globe is necessary to the character of the city of Boston and indeed the entire New England region. Founded in 1872, The Boston Globe has been at the forefront of news stories that expose corruption at the highest levels, protect the most vulnerable, and celebrate the region's victories. It is an important outlet for literary criticism and arts writing, and it helps readers understand the changing worlds of health, science and technology.

Along the way, it has won Pulitzer Prizes for important local and national stories, including for its coverage of the controversy surrounding President Bush's signing statements, the clergy sexual abuse crisis, and multiple awards for Criticism.


  • We support the Globe's staff and workers - who have been asked by the New York Times Company to make sacrifices which will threaten their well-being.
  • We call on the Times Company and Globe management to make genuine sacrifices themselves and share fully in the burden they have placed on Globe workers.
  • And we resolve that The Boston Globe - whose mission of journalism and the defense of free speech is critical to our democracy - must continue to publish in service of that mission as it has for 137 years.