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Supplemental Agreement: Clarification of Job Guarantee side letter

February 5, 1997

Robert A. Jordan, President
Boston Globe Employees Association/Local 245, TNG

Re: Clarification of Job Guarantee

Dear Bob:

This will confirm that the parties have agreed to clarify their use of the term 'resignation' as used in the first paragraph of the 'Job Guarantee' section of the December 20, 1993 Supplemental Agreement as follows:

  1. Any full-time employee listed on the Job Guarantee list (Exhibit A to the Supplemental Agreement) who changes his/her status to exempt (i.e. management) without a break in continuous service, will have their job guarantee held in abeyance for up to two (2) years while they are exempt. If during this two (2) year period they choose to return, with management's agreement, to a full-time BNG position, (or if Globe management chooses to so return them during this two year period) their job guarantee will be reinstated, provided there is no break in continuous service. This provision will be applied retroactively to January 1, 1994 except as to those employees who became exempt as a result of the parties' Unit Clarification Settlement Agreement.

    It is understood that this clarification will not protect employees from discharge for cause during the time they are exempt, nor would it protect them from a lay-off during the time their job guarantee was in abeyance. The bargaining unit seniority of these employees if they return to full-time job guaranteed status will be determined by Article III, Section 5, 'Seniority Defined' for all purposes except for layoff (from which they would be protected pursuant to terms of the Job Guarantee). Bargaining unit seniority for purposes of layoff only applies to non-guaranteed employees (i.e. those hired January 1, 1992 or thereafter).

  2. Any full-time employee on the Job Guarantee list (Exhibit A to the Supplemental Agreement) who changes his/her status to part-time, without a break in continuous service, will maintain their job guarantee while part-time so that the number of hours that they are scheduled to work will not be reduced from that which they are originally assigned (unless they so choose to reduce their hours, with management's agreement). It is understood that this provision does not obligate the Globe to accommodate an employee's initial request to reduce from full-time to part-time status nor does it obligate the Globe to maintain a specific schedule of shifts, days or
    hours other than the number of hours offered. Any such employee may return to full-time status only if there is a position available for which they apply and are selected pursuant to the applicable provisions of the collective bargaining agreement in effect at the time. Upon return to full-time status, the terms of the Job Guarantee will be those as provided for in the parties' 1993 Supplemental Agreement.

Pursuant to the above terms of this letter, Exhibit A to the 1993 Supplemental Agreement (the Job Guarantee List) will be fully updated.

Very truly yours,

Gregory L. Thornton

BNG, Local 245/TNG

February 5, 2001